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Making Calls with 011Now using 011Now iPhone app

Get 011Now app from Apple App store.

Download and install iPhone app using this link.

Register an account if you don't have one already.

You can register an account using this page. Or you can register an account using the iPhone app. When registering make sure you provide your iPhone phone number. When you use 011Now app system will recognize your call by your caller id (the phone you call from) under your account.

Add money to your account.

You can add money using this page. Or you can add money using 011Now iPhone app by clicking "Add Money" button.

Make sure you are using 011Now app when dialing.

Make sure you are using the touchpad in 011Now when dialing your international destination number! You need to use the following format when calling via 011Now iPhone app:

011 + [country code] + [area code] + [your destination phone number]

For example if you call to your friend in India you might use the following format 01191555555566.

What It Costs

011Now is a prepaid plan with no monthly fees, contract or obligation. An account can be opened on-line in a couple of minutes and it is immediately activated. It can be used as little or as often as a customer likes. Since there are no monthly fees, the money added to the account will stay in the account until it is used to make calls. Unlike many phone cards, 011Now does not charge hidden fees or taxes so the listed rates are the same as those charged when calls are made. We use a 1 minute rounding interval for calculating the cost for a call, so the call length is rounded to the next minute for billing purposes. Many phone cards use a 3 minute or even 6 minute rounding interval which means calls are round to the next 3 or 6 minute interval for billing purposes which can significantly increase the cost of a call.

011Now also includes many features with their prepaid calling plan. One such feature is on-line call history where the cost and details for each call made on a customer's account can be viewed, on-line in real time. Customers can also register many phones in one account so calls can be made from these phones without dialing a PIN code when placing a call.

You can review our international phone call rates here.

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