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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What are the billing increments?

All calls are billed in one minute billing increments.

Will I receive a monthly statement?

Yes, a monthly statement will be sent to your email account at the end of the month.


Do I have to have a Smartphone?

No, the 011Now App makes dialing easier but you can use a landline phone as well. Please read the Calling with Landline Phones section of How it Works.

What are Access Numbers?

Access Numbers are local numbers that you can call to then connect to your international destination.

Can I use 011Now to make calls from countries other than the United States and Canada?

Not at this time, but if you have a smart phone with Internet access you can use the tap4call app.

MAKING A CALL (Landline phones)

How do I place an international call from my phone using a 011Now Access Number?

Simply dial your preferred 011Now Access Number. If you are dialing from a non-registered phone number you will be asked to enter your PIN#. After that, you will be asked to enter the destination number.

Do I need to enter a PIN# every time?

Absolutely not! You can, and should, register the phone number you most often call from with 011Now. First, login to Next, look under “My Account.” You should see a list of "Registered Phone Numbers." You can add new numbers or remove any old numbers.

Can I place a call from a phone that is not registered with my 011now account?

Of course. When you first activated your 011Now account, you received a PIN#. You can also find your PIN# on the “My Account” page. Simply call your preferred 011Now Access Number and enter your PIN# when prompted, it's that easy.

I placed a call from my phone, but the system asks for my PIN#.

First, login to Next, look under “My Account.” You should see a list of "Registered Phone Numbers." If the number you are calling from is registered, check that the Caller ID on your phone is not blocked. To unblock Caller ID on most phones, dial *82. If you are still having problems, please contact our customer service department -

How do I dial an international phone number?

There are several ways to complete an international call:

011 + country code + number (when county code does not start with 1)

1 + number (when country code starts with 1)

I am a 011Now customer and would like to start using the 011Now app.

Just install the 011Now app from Google Play or the iPhone AppStore. Sign in with your account information and you can start making calls right away.

MAKING A CALL (Smart phones)

I dialed a number using the 011Now app and was asked for a PIN#

Unfortunately, the 011Now app did not recognize your phone number. You should navigate to “My Account”-> “Registered Numbers” in the App and add your phone number.


What is the monthly and/or annual fee for 011Now?

There is no monthly or annual fee to use the 011Now service. You simply pay for the number of minutes you use. You can see our how low our per minute rates are here.

Is there a connection fee for the calls I place?

011Now does not charge any connection fees. You only pay for the minutes you use.

Does my cellular/landline service provider charge me when I call from my mobile phone using 011Now?

Yes. Both landline providers and cellular carriers have their own rates and fees that apply. Please check with your providers before making any calls. The good news is that the rates you are charged for the international part of your call are billed at 011Now’s low per minute rates.

Why do some countries have higher rates on calls to mobile phones?

Unfortunately, the rates for each country are not standardized. There are some countries where cell phone users do not pay for their incoming calls. In order to continue making a profit, the cell phone providers in these countries often charge more to the calling party for initiating the call.

Is there a difference in rates if I call from my smart phone using the 011Now app or if I dial the 011Now Access Number directly from my home or cell phone?

The 011Now app is simply provided for your convenience. As long as you connect through a 011Now Access Number, you receive the same low rates no matter what registered phone you call from.


How do I sign up?

Click here to register. In order to create your account you will need a valid email address and phone number. Our system will call you back at the phone number you provide in order to verify it.

How soon can I start using the service after I register?


How do I cancel my service?

Because we charge no monthly or annual fees, you can simply stop using the 011Now service at any time. If however, you would like to completely close your account, simply email One of our representatives will close your account and send you an email confirmation.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view 011Now’s Terms and Conditions.

May I have more than one account with 011Now?

No. 011Now only allows one account per person.

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